what we do

feeding the world one person at a time- heart, mind, body and soul

God is working in exciting ways both in and through iFeed1! We are seeing God move through continued partnerships, needed gifts, new property and ongoing construction. See below some of the ways God is moving in Malawi!

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Through our new Awanas training program, we have equipped leaders from over 40 churches which will allow these churches to reach over 6,000 children each week with discipleship!

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Through the School of Ministry many pastors are sent out and churches are started. Through this, the Gospel is shared, believers are baptized and disciples are made. We are excited for the future School of Ministry classes and for how the Lord will continue to use for those who have already graduated. It only cost $400 to put a student through one year of the School of Ministry.

iFeed1 is intentional about encouraging one another in the faith. We work hard to provide discipleship and training for local pastors and their wives.

Partnering with iFeed1, John Brown University nursing students are able to see first-hand the environment and needs of people in third world countries while also making a tangible difference in the lives of many Malawians. This journey allows the students to observe and learn while expanding their understanding of global health. We are so thankful for their partnership and continued work of caring for all areas of people- heart, mind, body, and soul.

One of the many methods of evangelism and village outreach that iFeed1 uses is showing the Jesus Film. We will often use this to engage new villages, connect people to established churches and share the Gospel with hundreds of Malawians. This film has been translated into Chichewa (the common language in Malawi). The Jesus Film has proven to be a very effective evangelistic tool.

We have various teams from churches in America that partner with iFeed1. Their mission is not only to share the gospel but they facilitate conferences, celebrate the School of Ministry graduations, work in children’s ministry and do construction.